International Affairs

NIOC-International Affairs, as one of the important directorates under the supervision of the state owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is mainly in charge of export and import of crude oil, petroleum products and crude oil and petroleum products swap.

It is also engaged in tanker and storage tank chartering, stockpiling.
International Affairs with the following vice-directorate :

  • Crude Oil Marketing & Operation
  • Products Marketing & Operation
  • Natural Gas Marketing & Operation
  • Internal Crude Oil, Product and Condensate Marketing and Operation
  • Research and Planning
  • Business Development
  • Claims and Insurance
  • Financial affairs
  • Administration and Protocol
International Affairs main objectives are:
  • To achieve the best possible results under a reliable foundation made by our skilled colleagues who have obtained their experiences under difficult circumstances.
  • To develop the business world-wide through our offices in: London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Beijing and Mumbai.